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Stoneware Incense Holder with Pure Bleu Box

Stoneware Incense Holder with Pure Bleu Box

The utimate relaxation set for any home or space. This set includes a hand made terracotta incense holder and Pure Breu incense blend (9 sticks per box) both products come from talented Irish makers WE ARE FENIX. This insense blend has been specifically chosen to bring creativity, grounding and calming. 


Natural incense blends from WE AE FENIX are created with sensory pleasure in mind. Made by hand from sacred plants.

  • Product Info

    1)Hand thrown terracotta incense holder /// Bare clay.

    Diam: 10.5 cm approx.
    H: 2.5 cm approx.


    9 incense sticks per box

    Brings creativity, grounding and calming. Helps connect with deeper levels of the soul.

    Extracted from the Almacegueira tree of the Amazon rainforest, sacred Breu resin (White Breu) is used in healing rituals to ward off dark spirits and invite good energy. Breu’s aromatic resin is rich in alpha and beta-amyrina triterpenes.

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